Clerkship Responsibilities | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Procedures students are expected to do without direct supervision:

  1. History and physical examination (excluding pelvic)
  2. Daily examination for progress notes
  3. Scrub at operations and deliveries
  4. Withdraw blood for lab determinations (exclusive of jugular and femoral withdrawal)
  5. Begin peripheral intravenous infusion (excluding transfusions and only in adults)
  6. Apply skin tests
  7. Perform urinalysis
  8. Obtain electrocardiogram
  9. Do gram stains and cultures
  10. Urinary catheterization (adult males only)
  11. Insertion of nasogastric tube (adults only)
  12. Removal of sutures
  13. Change of wound dressings
  14. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  15. External cardiac massage

The following may be done only with the help and direct supervision of a physician:

  1. Lumbar puncture
  2. Transfusions
  3. Thoracentesis
  4. Paracentesis
  5. Marrow aspiration
  6. Closure of skin lacerations (never on face)
  7. Obstetrical delivery
  8. Administration of anesthetic agents
  9. Sigmoidoscopy
  10. Pelvic examination
  11. Inserting central venous pressure lines
  12. Arterial puncture
  13. Writing of orders to nurses

The following may not be done by the student:

  1. The independent treatment of patients without approval by a physician
  2. Dictation of admission history and physicals and discharge summaries.