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Tanisha Basu

Tanisha Basu

Research Assistant - Grad Student


My name is Tanisha Basu and I completed my Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Tech University. During the course of my bachelors, I acquired experience in clinical research in obesity, cognitive development and metabolic health. I have been associated with the Behavioral Medicine and Translational Medicine lab at TTU and am currently enrolled in a Masters program under the same lab in the department of Nutritional Sciences.

I joined Dr. Reddy's lab as I was keenly interested in conducting research in the field of neuroscience and human cognition and the implications of diet and exercise on the same. The project I am currently working on completely aligns with my interest as it aims to assess the lifestyle factors that influence Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other chronic disorders prevalent among the geriatric population of rural West Texas.

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