Neha Sawant | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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Neha Sawant

Medical Research Tech III


I work as a Medical Research Tech in the Reddy lab. Earlier I did my undergrad coursework in Biotechnology from Mumbai, India followed by Masters at Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX. For my masters my research was focused on “Epigenetic effects of oxidative stress induced by natural and synthetic estrogens on various breast cancer cell lines”. After graduating I began working in the Reddy lab where initially my research was focused on effects of SSRIs on progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Presently I am studying the effects of mitochondrial fission inhibitor Mdivi-1 on Huntington’s animal models.  I soon plan to start my doctoral studies under the guidance of Dr. Reddy.

When I am not in the lab I love to travel, exploring various landscapes and cultures. And I hike as often as possible!

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