Spandita Dutta | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Spandita Dutta, Ph.D

Spandita Dutta, Ph.D

Research Aide


Hi, I am Spandita S. Dutta. I am a neuroscientist, passionate about translating biomedical research from bench to bedside. I have a background in Neuro-immunology particularly in investigating roles of immune and endocrine modulators in neuroinflammatory, neurodegenerative and oxidative stress diseases. I graduated with Masters in Immunology from University of Calcutta, India and then with Neuroscience from Syracuse University, New York. My scientific background has provided me with ample opportunity to venture through several avenues of cell and molecular biology research work and share within cross-functional teams, speaking to diverse audiences, and building a positive and encouraging work environment.

I possess a strong rapport building skills, allowing me to build and thrive in a dynamic environment. My ability to facilitate open and frequent communication, in addition to being highly adaptable, has led to successful collaborations and opened avenue to connect with thought leaders. These qualities, along with strong organizational, project and time management skills and excellent presentation and communication skills has facilitated my success to transition from academia to human health-care front.

Alongside, I am also a upcycling enthusiast and upcycle empty wine bottles into work of art.....(check my work at

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