Ujala Sehar | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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Ujala Sehar

Post Doctoral Research Associate


My name is Ujala Sehar, I am a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Sciences from New Mexico State University. My doctoral dissertation was a study on an extremophile red alga for the identification and characterization of cellulolytic enzymes. I have a master’s degree in Biotechnology and an undergraduate in Bioinformatics from Pakistan. I joined Dr. Reddy’s lab in January 2022, and since then I have been involved in various research projects that include investigating the impact of lifestyle and biological factors on cognitively healthy superior agers in rural West Texas, investigating the challenges faced by family Caregivers of individuals with dementia and comorbidities, and studying microRNA mouse models for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Reddy is also supporting me in my research work on the transplantation of human stem cells into fetal mice. I am grateful for the invaluable mentorship provided by Dr. Reddy. His guidance and support have been instrumental in shaping my professional growth. Under Dr. Reddy’s mentorship, I have been able to publish 8 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and many more are submitted. Dr. Reddy’s inclination to offer insightful advice, share knowledge, and provide learning opportunities has made a significant impact on my career development. His mentorship style is inspiring, fostering an environment of trust, encouragement, and continuous improvement. I deeply appreciate his commitment to our success and the positive influence he has had on the career journey of lab members.

Apart from research, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and binge-watching YouTube. Moreover, I am constantly driven to explore various subjects, delve into new areas of interest, and uncover insights that broaden my perspective. The thrill of discovery fuels my curiosity, and I am passionate about continuously deepening my knowledge and staying abreast of the latest developments in diverse fields.

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