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Upcoming Research Seminar Calendar

November 10, 2022
"Treatment of vascular dementia using an Angiopoietin-1 mimetic peptide"

Poornima Venkat, Ph.D

Assistant Scientist I

Department of Neurology
Henry Ford Hospital

2022 Presented Research Seminar Calendar

August  11
"Tenascin-C and neuroprotection after stroke"

Bharath Chelluboina, Ph.D

Scientist I

Department of Neurological Surgery
University of Wisconsin School Medicine and Public Health

July  7
"t-PA in Ischemic Stroke: A Double-edged Sword"

Krishna Kumar Veeravalli, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Department of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology
University of Illinois College of Medicine

June  21
"Matrix Resurrections: Novel Therapeutic Targets for Cerebrovascular Disease and COVID-19"

Gregory J. Bix, M.D., Ph.D

Director, Clinical Neuroscience Research Center & COVID-19, Biobank and Library at Tulane (COBALT)

Vada Odom Reynolds Chair in Stroke Research
Professor and Vice Chair of Research and Academic Affairs Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Tulane University School of Medicine