Third-Year Clerkship | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

OB/GYN 3rd Year Clerkship

This clerkship is intended to introduce students to some knowledge, skills, and attitudes about women and their special conditions and problems. Students will learn about outpatient low risk and high risk OB patients; inpatient obstetric, gynecologic and oncologic patient workups and care; surgery and postoperative care in benign and oncologic gynecology, as well as obstetrics; and gynecologic outpatient care including well woman visits, problem visits, diagnostic workups, colposcopy, and other procedures. The rotation begins with a two-day Orientation which will include both lectures and simulated learning. Clinical rotations will begin in the first week after orientation. Students will rotate through seven different areas each week and are expected to attend meetings, lectures and Residents’ Conferences as they occur.