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Simulation Program

The simulation-based training at the Department of Internal Medicine is geared to enhance residents' skills and affect their attitudes and behaviors during patient care and when interacting with their families across the continuum of care, ranging from ambulatory setting though inpatient crisis events. Training is carried out at the local Simulation Center.

Training sessions are designed to improve performance and transform trainees' approach by creating a high-fidelity, immersive experience, coupled with a 3600-type debrief process and deliberate practice. The sessions focus on planning, teamwork, leadership, communication and execution of prioritized clinical tasks.

The F. Marie Hall Simlife Center at Midland College

The simulation center is a state-of the art learning environment, with the training process and debrief remaining at the forefront nationally.  MORE

The Louise and Clay Wood Simulation Center

The state-of-the-art center provides multiple realistic health care environments designed to assist students and residents in acquiring the competencies necessary, to provide safe, culturally sensitive, quality patient care.  MORE