Ophthalmology Staff | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Ophthalmology department staff, faculty and residents

Administrative and Support Staff

Name Title Phone
Sam Crain Senior Clinical Administrator 743-2020
Andrea Aguilar Senior Analyst 743-2380
Terry Arrañaga  Human Resources Coordinator 743-9972
Matt Coston IT Manger  743-7522
Michelle Hernandez Faculty Support Coordinator 743-3836
Tonya Macias Assistant to the Chairman/Marketing Manager 743-2412
Dalton Morgan IT Support 743-2042
Christy Morrison Residency Program Manager 743-1465


Clinical Support Staff - TTUHSC 

Name Title Phone
Johnny Alonzo Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020
Dorene Bailey, AAS/ST, COA Clinic Manager 743-9791
Samantha Benson Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020 
Macie Burnett, COA  Ophthalmic Assistant II 743-2020 
Sara Cruz Optician 743-4713
Irene Fira Coding & Reimbursement Specialist 743-2020 
Adriana Flores Patient Services Specialist 743.2020
Alexis Franco Ophthalmic Assistant 743-2020
Milton Frausto Patient Services Specialist 743-2020
Shania Galloway Patient Services Specialist 743-2020
Karyme Gonzales Ophthalmic Assistant 743-2020
Heather Guzman Surgery Coordinator/Managed Care Coordinator 743-4284 
Jennifer Harris, COA Surgical Coordinator/Managed Care Coordinator 743-9632
Jon Hernandez Front Desk Manager 743-2020
Jamie Kuss Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020
Angela Mendez Patient Service Specialist 743-2020 
Angelica Natal Optician 743-4713
KC Overstreet Ophthalmic Assistant 743-2020
Samantha Peralez Ophthalmic Assistant 743-2020
Darla Probst, COA Ophthalmic Assistant II 743-2020 
Diana Rangel Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020
Savannah Regaldo Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020
Irma Salas, COA Senior Ophthalmic Photographer 743-2020 
Erika Salinas Patient Services Specialist 743-2020
Sandra Farr Schnable, CPC, CCS-P, OCS Lead Coding & Reimbursement Specialist 743-2020 
Katy Sears, COA  Coding & Reimbursement Specialist 743-9796 
Catrina Sifuentes Patient Services Specialist 743-2020
Misty Sisneros, COA Surgery Scheduler Supervisor 743-2020
Alexsis Torres Patient Services Specialist 743-2020
Stephanie Vasquez Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020
Lisa Vega Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020 
Kendra Villarreal Surgery Coordinator/Managed Care Coordinator 743-2020
Candice Withers, COA Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-2020 


Eye Bank Administrative and Clinical Support Staff 

Name Title Phone
Ryan Cady, BA, CEBT Executive Director 743-2242
Cathy Gonzales Eye Bank Technician 743-2242
Jimmie Staggs  Eye Bank Technician 743-2242


Clinical Support Staff - Community Health Center of Lubbock (CHCL)  

Name Title Phone
Barbara Santos  Patient Services Specialist 765-2611 ext. 3200


Departmental Research

Name Title Phone
Phat Tran, PhD  Instructor 743-9837


Clinical Support Staff - Texas Tech Eye Consultants 

Name Title Phone
Yvonne Bengoa, COA  Ophthalmic Assistant II 743-7676
Alicia Chadwick Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-7676
Andrea Criado Patient Services Specialist 743-7676
Jennifer Dunn Patient Services Specialist 743-7676
Amica Encinias Patient Services Specialist 743-7676
Melissa Henry, COA Ophthalmic Assistant II 743-7676
Margie Lopez Optician 743-6670
Dee Luera Front Desk Supervisor 743-7676
Sallie McKenzie Coding & Reimbursement Specialist 743-7676
Mary Medrano, COA Ophthalmic Assistant II 743-7676
Leah Moore, COA Clinic Manager 743-2326
Alice Morin Optician 743-6670
Elizabeth Sharpe Senior Optician 743-9842


Laser Vision Institute

Name Title Phone
Kim Creel, COA  Ophthalmic Assistant I 743-1994