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The Department of Psychiatry has a wide range of research interests and resources. We have faculty recipients of Federal, State and Institutional research grants, supported by staff, with years of clinical research experience. We also have active editors and editorial board members for relevant mental health and substance use journals.
The department is part of several collaborative research groups including: Texas Youth Depression and Suicide Research Network, Childhood Trauma Research Network, Texas Tech Mental Health Initiative, Center of Excellence for Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics, Center of Excellence for Integrative Health, Obesity Research Institute, and Southwest Institute for Addictive Diseases. Our research units include adult out-patient clinics, a child and adolescent psychiatry clinic, in-patient units in affiliated hospitals (e.g. University Medical Center, Covenant Health System) as well as community outreach programs (e.g. Child Psychiatry Access Network and Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine program).
The Department houses a research-grade repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulator and the residents in our Department have access to a variety of research facilities located on campus including the Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute, Clinical Research Institute, Garrison Institute on Ageing and Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research.
We foster opportunities for residents and students to participate in and/or develop their own research and quality improvement projects.

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