Sub-Internship Information | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Fourth-year medical students can complete a Sub-Internship rotation in Urology.  During this rotation the student will work closely with attendings and residents.  They will participate on rounds, in clinic, and in the operating room.  We will ask each student to give one 30-minute Grand Rounds presentation on a topic of their choice.  At the end of the rotation the student may request letters of recommendation from faculty.  This sub-internship will act as an audition for a position in the urology residency program through the formal AUA match process.  The student will not be interviewed during the rotation and will not receive a formal interview during the match process.  The student will still need to apply to Texas Tech Urology through ERAS and the AUA Match.  Students who complete the urology sub-internship will be automatically included in ranking decisions.

TTUHSC medical students will receive first preference on sub-internship rotations.  

Fourth-year medical students can also choose to complete a two- or four-week urology elective.  There is no requirement for a Grand Rounds presentation.