Mission, Vision, and Philosophy | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy


Our mission is to enhance the lives of patients through innovation and excellence in pharmacy education, practice, and research.


To transform health care and the lives of the patients we serve.


Our culture—the way we live and act—is created by a strong commitment to a set of core values based on mutual respect, professionalism, and integrity.

As a community of learners, we are committed to:

  1. The creation of a student-centered, positive learning community in which each person is dedicated to the pharmacy profession and values excellence in education, practice and research.
  2. Collaborative interpersonal relationships - defined as mutual learning, open communication and shared responsibility among faculty, administration and students.
  3. Compassionate care for each patient and an unwavering dedication to meet each patient's pharmaceutical care needs.
  4. Community involvement and serving the health care needs of the citizens of West Texas. This perspective will be reflected in our doctoral candidates who have a community perspective supported by a sound biologic and behavioral understanding of health care.
  5. Work characterized by its excellence and our willingness to change, be progressive, make timely and vigilant decisions, and evaluate our performances against stated goals.

Academic and healthcare environments that encourage open debate and dialogue, the introduction of new ideas and practices, innovation through collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to self-improvement, self-renewal and life-long learning.