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There are many reasons why pharmacy is a sought after career choice. Learn about pharmacy professions and discover the diverse and dynamic opportunities a career in pharmacy has to offer. 


Pharmacists who are healthcare leaders. They can operate their own business, initiate public health policy, and help develop future leaders.

Ambulatory Care

Pharmacists that provide comprehensive medication management to clients with multiple, short-term or long-term medical conditions.


Pharmacists who specialize in heart disease prevention and treatment.


Pharmacists who use their expertise and counseling skills to educate people within their community about safe and appropriate medical use. They also provide immunizations.


Pharmacists prepare custom or personalized medications more suitable to the needs of the client. This includes the development of creams, gels and other formulations of medications.

Emergency Medicine

Pharmacists are a part of the emergency medicine team that care for patients within a hospital emergency room. Treating minor injuries to traumatic conditions.


Pharmacists who specialize in the management of older adults who are often taking multiple medications.


Pharmacists are a part of the health care team that provide a variety of services to patients within a hospital setting. They serve as advisors to patients and other health professionals.


Pharmacists who design and develop new drugs. They perform clinical trials, research and establish safety regulations to ensure proper quality control. 

Infectious Disease

Pharmacists focus is caring for patients with short-term and long-term infections. Often patients who are at greater risk of infection based on preexisting conditions or being prescribed multiple medications. 


Pharmacists to improve health or treat individuals with the safe use of radioactive materials. 


Pharmacists utilize their expertise to educate individuals regarding the treatment and management of cancer.


Pharmacists who specialize in the management of safe and effective management of medicines in children in the range from infants to adolescence

Poison Control

Pharmacists who respond immediately to urgent situations regarding hazardous chemicals and toxins. They also advise about serious drug interactions. 


Pharmacists who specialize in mental health care. Working with clients who have brain injuries, mental health, and/or substance abuse disorder(s).


Pharmacists who use their expertise to dispense and administer medications to animals to prevent illness, to treat sickness and injury. Some pharmacists are able to develop drugs for specific animal needs.