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Recognizing Excellence

TTU System Chancellor Dr. Tedd Mitchell often says that "the people in West Texas are not ones to brag..." Here at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's (TTUHSC) we sometimes have to force ourselves to stop and take a moment to appreciate the hard work from our team members, or as Dr. Mitchell would say “to brag”. This page is dedicated to all the awards made available to our faculty and staff. Our TTUHSC family is committed to creating, promoting and fostering an organizational environment that values growth and development opportunities for all HSC team members. Here is the comprehensive list of all awards available to the TTUHSC community. 


Grover E. Murray Professorships

Since its establishment by the Board of Regents, the Grover E. Murray Professorships--named in honor of the first president of TTUHSC--have been the highest distinctions that the university can bestow onto members of its faculty. Recipients are chosen by the president for outstanding scholarly achievement in research, teaching and clinical practice. 

Faculty members who have been previously named Grover E. Murray professors are:

Dr. Steven Berk
Dr. Michael Evans   
Dr. Sharon Decker
Dr. Vadivel Ganapathy
Dr. Neil Kurtzman 

Dr. John Orem
Dr. Gabor Racz 
Dr. Cynthia Raehl 
Dr. Quentin Smith

Dr. Afzal Siddiqui
Dr. Doug Stocco 
Dr. Surendra Varma
Dr. Abraham Verghese 


Faculty President’s Awards

The TTUHSC President’s Awards are awarded each year in recognition of faculty members who have demonstrated unparalleled contributions to medical education, research and clinical care. Faculty members are presented prestigious awards in seven categories, including the excellence in teaching award, the outstanding clinician award, and the interprofessional teamwork award.


President’s Award for Interprofessional Teamwork
Todd Bell, M.D.
Eric J. MacLaughlin, Pharm.D., FASHP, FCCP, BCPS
Jill Frost, Pharm.D.
Maegan M. Whitworth, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCCCP
Evelyn Sbar, M.D., FAAFP, AQH
Mikala Conatser, Pharm.D.
Ulrich Bickel, M.D.

President's Early Career Investigator Award 
Devin B. Lowe, Ph.D. 

President’s Excellence in Teaching Award
Anna Kochanowska-Karamyan, Ph.D., MPharm

President’s Excellence in Research Award
C. Patrick Reynolds, M.D., Ph.D.


President’s Outstanding Clinician Award
Ronald L. Cook, DO, MBA, FAAFP

President’s Excellence in Community Engagement Award
Lisa A. Campbell, DNP, RN, PHNA-BC, FAAN

President's Team Teaching Award 
Brandt Schneider, Ph.D.
Keith N. Bishop, Ph.D.
Gurvinder Kaur, Ph.D., M.S.
Beverly S. Chilton, Ph.D. 
Greg Brower, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Bernell K. Dalley, Ph.D.
Jannette Dufour, Ph.D.
Toni Denison, M.S.
Anthony Hewetson, M.S.
Chip Shaw, Ed.D.
Simon Williams, Ph.D.

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University Distinguished Faculty

The title of “distinguished faculty” is granted each year to members of TTUHSC faculty who have clearly exhibited outstanding achievement in teaching, research and service. Recipients hold this honor throughout the remainder of their active service at TTUHSC.

List of current and past recipients: 

2020 Victor J Test, MD, FCCP
2020 Yondell Masten, PhD, WHNP-BC, RNC-OB
2019 Brandt Schneider Ph.D.
2018 Kevin Pruitt Ph.D.
2018 Kendra Rumbaugh Ph.D.
2018 Terry McMahon M.D.
2018 Dale Dunn M.D., MBA, FCAP, FASCP
2018 Sharmila Dissanaike M.D.
2018 Thomas Hale Ph.D., R.Ph

2016 Richard Leff PharmD
2016 Patrick Reynolds MD, Ph.D.
2016 Jannette Dufour Ph.D.
2016 Kumuda Das Ph.D.
2016 Michael Conn Ph.D.
2016 Steven Sawyer Ph.D.
2016 Hal Larsen Ph.D.
2016 Roger James Ph.D., FACSM
2016 Candace Hicks PH.D., CCC-A

2016 Melinda Corwin Ph.D., CCC-SLP
2016 Edward Yeomans MD
2016 Gary Ventolini MD
2016 Patti Patterson MD, MPH
2016 Mubariz Naqvi MD
2016 Vadivel Ganapathy Ph.D.
2016 Kathryn Sridaromont Ph.D.
2016 Melinda Mitchell-Jones JD, MSN
2016 Pearl Merritt Ed.D., M.S., MSN, RN, FAAN



Distinguished Staff Awards 

An acclaimed group of awards for TTUHSC non-faculty team members, the Distinguished Staff Awards program recognizes and supports the achievements of TTUHSC staff members who exemplify the highest level of university values and characteristics. The five levels of awards available allow for a range of recipients across TTUHSC campuses. In celebration, an employee picnic is held each year to recognize award recipients.



Chancellor’s Awards

Chancellor's Council Distinguished Teaching & Research Awards & Chancellor's Award of Excellence 
Recognizing academic excellence, these honors are the most prestigious awards granted to faculty throughout the TTU System. The awards are funded by gifts to the Chancellor’s Council, a giving society that supports the chancellor’s priorities across the TTU System. Each year, award recipients receive a stipend and an engraved medallion or plaque for their academic contributions to the university.

List of current and past recipients: 

2021 - Dr. Susan Calloway
2021 - Dr. Tammy Carter
2021 - Dr. Volker Edgar Neugebauer
2020 - Dr. Vadivel Ganapathy
2020 - Professor Sherry Sancibrian
2020 - Dr. Thomas Abbruscato
2019 - Dr. Steven F. Sawyer
2019 - Dr. Vardan T. Karamyan
2019 - Dr. Donna Owen

2019 - Dr. Min Kang
2018 - Dr. Eric J. MacLaughlin
2018 - Dr. Simon C. Williams
2018 - Dr. Kendra P. Rumbaugh
2018 - Dr. Phil S. Sizer
2017 - Dr. Eric J. MacLaughlin
2017 - Dr. Simon C. Williams
2017 - Dr. Kendra P. Rumbaugh
2017 - Dr. Phil S. Sizer

2016 - Katie Bennett
2016 - D. Elizabeth Gobel-Jones
2016 - Richard Leff
2016 - Billy Philips
2015 - Dr. Melinda Corwin
2015 - PharmD Craig Cox
2015 - Dr. Alyce Ashcraft
2015 - Dr. Kumuda Das


Distinguished Alumni Awards

Since its creation in 1999, the Distinguished Alumni Awards have commended those whose efforts within their fields have created a positive impact on their community, offering recognition for each school under several different categories. Previous recipients have been acknowledged for their significant successes in research, leadership, community outreach, and clinical care, among others.


Presidential Distinguished Alumni Award

In 2015, TTUHSC introduced the Presidential Distinguished Alumni Award. This recognition is considered to be the highest honor bestowed by the university, recognizing and honoring alumni who have made significant contributions to the health care profession.