GSBS Strategic Plan | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

2018-2022 Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

In order to effectively accomplish its mission, the Graduate School is committed to the following strategic goals:

  1. To recruit highly qualified and diverse students into the GSBS programs;
  2. To enhance GSBS academic and training experiences for all students;
  3. To develop and enhance academic programs on all campuses that reflect targeted educational needs;
  4. To provide leadership in the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship;  

While the Strategic Goals summarize the ultimate direction of the Graduate School, they are accomplished through the achievement of specific strategies and objectives that are outlined below.

To recruit a highly qualified and diverse student body into GSBS programs:

  • Strategy 1.1 - Provide competitive financial packages for recruitment of students
    • Objective 1.1.1: Expand the Dean’s Scholars Program
    • Objective 1.1.2: Ensure regionally competitive salaries
    • Objective 1.1.3: Provide fee waiver incentives
    • Objective 1.1.4: Pay tuition & fees for doctoral students
  • Strategy 1.2 - Increase recruitment activities
    • Objective 1.2.1: Travel to diverse campuses to recruit students
    • Objective 1.2.2: Increase number of domestic students that interview and tour campus
    • Objective 1.2.3: Track recruitment activities through the Recruiter software
    • Objective 1.2.4: Continually improve SABR (Summer Accelerated Biomedical Research) and ABRI (Amarillo Biomedical Research Internship) experiences
    • Objective 1.2.5: Implement early admissions programs including GEAR (Graduate Early Admittance for Research)
    • Objective 1.2.6: Create recruitment videos for the doctoral program as well as targeted advertisements.

To improve GSBS academic and training outcomes for all students:

  • Strategy 2.1 - Increase exposure to diverse biomedical career opportunities
    • Objective 2.1.1: Improve and expand the annual Faculty & Student Retreat
    • Objective 2.1.2: Expand the seminar series, journal clubs, or similar activities to expose students to the diversity of biomedical careers
    • Objective 2.1.3: Strengthen the GSBS student mentoring program
    • Objective 2.1.4: Support continued exchange of scientific ideas and collaboration between faculty and graduate students through Student Research Week and Annual Research Days.
  • Strategy 2.2 - Conduct systematic assessment of student learning outcomes in all academic degree programs and demonstrate the use of results for program improvements
    • Objective 2.2.1: Continually improve student learning outcomes and assessment plans for all academic degree programs
    • Objective 2.2.2: Revise course syllabi with course objectives that are linked to student learning outcomes
    • Objective 2.2.3: Use rubrics as measures for oral presentations, seminars, and research projects 
  • Strategy 2.3 - Improve student access to resources for enhancing their academic performances
    • Objective 2.3.1: Assess the student-based tutoring program
    • Objective 2.3.2: Provide services to improve academic performance, i.e. Graduate Student Association mentoring program
    • Objective 2.3.3: Assess quality of resources through graduation/exit surveys 
    • Objective 2.3.4: Evaluate Core Curriculum Coordination (CCC) Committee oversight of:
      • Curriculum development
      • Training of faculty for online/TechLink courses
      • Assessing strategies for monitoring student progress
  • Strategy 2.4 - Conduct ongoing systematic program reviews to determine that all programs have the appropriate faculty, students and resources to effectively meet their educational objectives
    • Objective 2.4.1: Disseminate program review policy to all programs
    • Objective 2.4.2: Conduct program reviews so that all programs are reviewed on a seven-year cycle
    • Objective 2.4.3: Use assessment results to revise and improve program action plan
  • Strategy 2.5 - Conduct ongoing assessment of graduates' employment opportunities and success in the workplace
    • Objective 2.5.1: Improve alumni relations through newsletters, homecoming seminars, social media, national meeting receptions, etc.
    • Objective 2.5.2: Distribute exit survey/questionnaire to all graduates
    • Objective 2.5.3: Track and disseminate employment of GSBS graduates to strengthen alumni network

To develop and enhance academic programs that reflect targeted educational needs:

  • Strategy 3.1 - Promote educational opportunities within public health
    • Objective 3.1.1: Recruit and develop Public Health faculty and staff
    • Objective 3.1.2: Accredit the Master of Public Health degree program
    • Objective 3.1.3: Collaborate with TTU System and other Universities to develop dual degrees and/or articulation agreements
    • Objective 3.1.4: Develop online courses and program
    • Objective 3.1.5: Initiate process to develop a School of Public Health
  • Strategy 3.2 - Promote educational opportunities within existing master's programs
    • Objective 3.2.1: Maintain excellence in the Masters in Graduate Medical Sciences program
    • Objective 3.2.2: Expand the existing Pharmaceutical Sciences MS program.
    • Objective 3.2.3: Grow the Biotechnology MS program by increasing recruitment activities
    • Objective 3.2.4: Explore opportunities to create new concentrations

To provide leadership in the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship:

  • Strategy 4.1 - Increase research funding and success
    • Objective 4.1.1: Assist in the recruitment of additional faculty with active research programs
    • Objective 4.1.2: Assist in mentoring current students in obtaining research fellowships
    • Objective 4.1.3: Maintain research opportunity page on Website
    • Objective 4.1.4: Increase collaborative efforts with all HSC faculty
    • Objective 4.1.5: Offer workshops to mentor students
    • Objective 4.1.6: Explore opportunities to integrate Post-docs into GSBS activities
  • Strategy 4.2 -Collaborate with other stakeholders at the TTUHSC to develop GSBS Scholarship funds
    • Objective 4.2.1: Continue fundraising efforts for GSBS scholarships
    • Objective 4.2.2: Expand fundraising events during Student Research Week including opportunities to host SRW at other campuses.