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34th Annual Student Research Week

From the desk of Dean Schneider

Thanks for participating in and organizing SRW 2022!  It was an excellent week all the way around!  Many thanks to Rachel, Peyton, and all the SRW committee members and GSBS staff who worked so hard planning for this week and the tremendous efforts expended last week to make everything a success!  The Vendor show went well.  The judging of posters over Zoom was well received.  Thanks to the judges, Dr. Prien, the presenting students, Tres Boren for technical support, the GSBS staff, and all of the SRW committee online moderators! Great job! Thursday’s banquet was wonderful!  We had great attendance, and everyone had fun. Thanks to Emily, Dalia, and all of the SGA members for their hard work!  Thanks to the Department of Immunology and Molecular Microbiology and Dr. Grisham for hosting this year and to the Department of Cell Biology and Biochemistry for funding and Conrad Saucedo for his excellent DJ skills.  Friday’s in person presentations were outstanding! We had great keynote speakers in Drs. Claudia Kemper and Stanley Hazen.  I was very impressed by the student presentations and thankful to everyone that traveled from regional campuses to participate in SRW 2022.  This year we have a special IPE session featuring a career panel of 9 recent alumni that was well received. Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to all of the poster award winners! 

Brandt L. Schneider, Ph.D.
Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Co-Director Institute of Anatomical Sciences
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Poster Winners



Poster Title


Isaiah K. George Exploring the Auto-fluorescent Properties of Biofilm to Improve Diagnostics of Biofilm-Associated Infections  
Literature Reviews - 1st Place Jacob Awkal Systematic review of COVID-19 autopsies: accelerated hyaluronan concentration as the primary driver of morbidity and mortality in high-risk COVID-19 patients: with therapeutic introduction of an oral hyaluronan inhibitor in the prevention of “Induced Hyaluronan Storm” Syndrome  
Medical Education - 1st Place John Wolpert Creating a 3-D model to facilitate a deeper understanding of Gastrointestinal (GI) Embryology Dr. Gurvinder Kaur
Medical Education - 2nd Place Tie Scarlett Bloodworth Coloring in the Lines: The Use of Annotated Cadaveric Images in Medical Anatomy Education Dr. Gurvinder Kaur
Medical Education - 2nd Place Tie Caitlin Lowry Successful Orientation to Human Cadaver Lab Dr. Anthony Hewetson
Case Studies - 1st Place Dan Hayward A Case Series of Distal Radial Ulnar Joint Instability Repair Using Tightrope Technology  
Case Studies - 2nd Place Jessica Sisco Failure to Thrive Secondary to Hypervitaminosis D in an Infant  
Case Studies - 3rd Place Bayley Richardson Uterine Artery Embolization to Treat Hemorrhage in a 12-year-old Female with Sarcoma Botryoides of the Cervix Dr. Komariah Palle
Chart Reviews - 1st Place Addie Pederson Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty in Treatment Naïve Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Associated Open Angle Glaucoma Patients  
Chart Reviews - 2nd Place Evan Bradshaw Using Geography as a Determining Factor in Outcomes of Burn Care Follow-Up in Rural West Texas  
Chart Reviews - 3rd Place Jake Sellers Association between prostate size and MRI determined quantitative prostate zonal measurements  
Basic/Translational Years 1&2 - 1st Place Rebecca Gabrilska Host-pathogen transcriptomics of a polymicrobial dermonecrotic infection Dr. Kendra Rumbaugh
Basic/Translational Years 1&2 - 2nd Place Marilyn Mathew Comparing Weight Loss and Metabolic Improvements Using a Low Starch Dietary Education Program vs. Traditional Treatment for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)  
Basic/Translational Years 1&2 - 3rd Place Kerri Spontarelli Heterozygous ATP1A1 knockout mice do not develop neuropathies Dr. Pablo Artigas
Basic/Translational Years 4+ - 1st Place Peyton Presto CGRP1 receptor blockade in the amygdala in neuropathic pain: cellular and behavioral outcomes Dr. Volker Neugebauer
Basic/Translational Years 4+ - 2nd Place
Taylor Hibler
Sertoli cells: Unlocking the Secrets of Transplant Survival on one Treg at a Time Dr. Jannette Dufour
Basic/Translational Years 4+ - 3rd Place
Ryan Sweazey
Characterization of diseases associated with mutations in the Na+/K+ pump α1 Dr. Pablo Artigas
Lutherer Award
Hannah Daniel
Association of Dynamic Motion of Cerebellar Tonsils in the Outcome in Pediatric Chiari I Malformation  
Nursing - 1st Place

Emily Shussler, BSN, RN; Candace Webb, BSN, RN

Benefits of Early Mobility in Post-op Patients  
Nursing - 2nd Place

Valerie Huerta, BSN, RN; Jennifer Ozzello, BSN, RN

Adjunctively and Alone, Acupuncture Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain  
Nursing - 3rd Place
Alma Nevarez, BSN, RN
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression in Schizophrenia  


Topics over the years:

  • 2019 - Animalcules Detected: Immune Response Activated
  • 2018 - Protein Chronicles: From Unknown Structures to Essential Functions
  • 2017 - Molecular Neurosciences & Systems: From Nucleotides to Networks
  • 2016 - Molecular Basis of Life and Disease
  • 2015 - Host-Microbe Interactions: Exploring Worlds Within
  • 2014 - Molecular Imaging: Advancing Diagnostics
  • 2013 - Genomic Revolution: Personalizing Medicine
  • 2012 - Cure Diabetes
  • 2011 - Vaccine Development: A Shot in the Dark
  • 2010 - Demystifying the Brain: Aging and Addiction
  • 2009 - Molecular Pathways of Cancer
  • 2008 - Fertilization
  • 2007 - Phage Therapy
  • 2006 - Senescence
  • 2005 - Stem Cell Research
  • 2004 - Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • 2003 - Biofilms
  • 2002 - Cell Cycle, Cell Proliferation and Cancer
  • 2001 - Hypoxia and High Altitude Physiology
  • 2000 - Prions