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An Update on GSBS Graduation

We are pleased to confirm the in-person GSBS graduation ceremony for Friday, May 6 at 2:00 pm at the United Supermarkets Arena. We are estimating the ceremony to last no more than two hours. Updates are listed below.

Action Items

Live Stream Locations

Link to current year stream will be updated when available.

Reader Card and Post-Graduate Plans Survey

This survey includes each student’s post graduate plans, non-TTUHSC email, and contact information. For students that will be attending the ceremony there will also be a section for completing your Reader Card. The Reader Card is the information that will be read out as your walk across the stage.

If you have not received the reader card survey by April 2, please contact the GSBS office with an updated email address. The survey is being sent to graduates official HSC email.

Student Graduation Fee

The graduation fee is $100 and will be posted to your WebRaider account. Students will receive email notification from GSBS Staff, and once notified, students will have until noon on Monday, May 2 to pay and avoid late/billing fees.

  • Only applicable for May 2022 Graduates - Past Grads have already paid
  • Ph.D. Students will also have an ETD Fee
  • Fees will be posted TBA


Students that ordered regalia and selected “pick up” may do so the week prior to graduation at West Texas Graduation Services located at 2904 50th Street, Lubbock TX, 79413. Regalia that was not picked up the week prior to graduation, will be delivered to the GSBS office. Students will be notified of the days/times when it is available for pickup.

Those that selected to ship their regalia, will have shipments starting at the end of this week going into next week. Students and faculty must come wearing regalia. Please direct any further regalia questions to the West Texas Graduation Services office:

West Texas Graduation Services
2904 50th Street
Lubbock, TX 79413



Please park in the parking lot north of the USA, the parking lot that is shared by the Rec Center. There will be a marked door on the NW corner of the USA where you will enter.  Do not go down the ramp or up the stairs.  Inside there will be a staircase to go down for check-in.  Please follow the signs.

Clear Bag Policy

United Supermarkets Arena (USA) has a clear bag policy for bringing items into the USA.  Any bags brought to the facility must be clear or you will not be allowed in. Please graduates, do not bring anything! There is no place to store it.

Ceremony protocol

We recommend arriving at 1:15 PM but no later than 1:30 PM so that you may get checked-in and seated on-time. Late arrivals will not be guaranteed participation in the ceremony. A seating chart will be sent via email prior to the day of graduation. Graduates will go directly to their assigned seat to await the start of the ceremony. There will not be a processional. After the conferring of the degrees, graduates will walk in front of the platform party stage when their name is read. Any after graduation plans, mentors, and individual highlights will be read from the reader card information provided. After walking and receiving your diploma, graduates will NOT return to their seat, but will instead exit the arena, turn in their regalia and can then meet their family and friends outside of the USA. This has been the successful practice used by TTU for their ceremonies.

** Do not bring purses, phone, etc. Once you arrive at the USA, you will be directed to your seat on the arena floor.  There will be no holding room to get ready and no line up for a processional.**

Reminders of Previous Graduation Updates

  • Masks are NOT REQUIRED but may be worn if chosen
  • All guests are welcome (no limit)
  • No Reception
  • Regalia must be worn
  • Diplomas can be picked up at ceremony, the GSBS office, or mailed 
    • This must be decided in Graduation Survey

Additional Questions?

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions! 

We look forward to seeing you all!

Stay safe and healthy!

Dr. Brandt Schneider, Dean
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences