GSBS Personal Computer Requirements | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Recommended System Specifications

PC and MAC


Processor Intel Core i5 or Higher
Wireless Card 802.11AC 5GHz
Hard Drive 240GB+ Solid State Drive


Operating Systems

Windows 10
Mac OS X (10.13 or Greater)

Productivity Software
Microsoft Office 2019
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Register TTUHSC Email for Office
 Peripheral Software
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Reader

Important Notes

  • USB to Ethernet adapter is required for laptops without a built-in Ethernet port. 
  • Tablet devices (Such as iPads and Android based tablets) can be used to access some course content but will not substitute the need for a laptop. This does not apply to tablets running full versions of Windows 10, such as the Microsoft Surface devices. 
  • All students are required to have broadband Internet access for online learning content. (Cable, DSL, etc...)
  • Dial-up and Mobile hot-spots provided by cellular providers are not recommended
  • Internet Explorer is not recommended. Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, and updated versions of Microsoft Edge are stable alternatives
  • Headphones may be required for certain class assignments
  • Webcams are becoming increasingly useful, even if not fully required by the Graduate School. Most laptops will have sufficient built-in webcams but for desktop users the Logitech C615 would be an excellent choice. 
  • The TTUHSC now has license agreements with Box and Zoom. Both are fully compatible with Windows 10, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS operating systems.