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Compliance education is a critical element of an effective compliance program. TTUHSC is committed to providing general and specific compliance education and training so that TTUHSC employees understand their obligations and responsibilities in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. We encourage all faculty, staff and students to complete training assigned to them in a timely manner to be in compliance. The Office of Institutional Compliance currently administers the following training:
  • Institutional Compliance & Ethics Training
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security Training
  • Conflict of Interest and Commitment Training & Disclosure
  • Billing Compliance Training
  • Clery CSO Training

All of the training courses are hosted on ACME online. You do not need to register for these courses; they will be assigned to you automatically in ACME. Once they are assigned, you will receive an email from the system that contains a due date and a link to the ACME course. Our office also provides in-person training sessions and simulation style training sessions (Compliance Escape Room). If you would like to schedule a training session for your team, please contact our office at

Formats of Compliance Training:

The online module is a self paced learning course for individuals to complete training on their own on ACME.

Interactive training held at the Simulation Center so that participants can play games and identify HIPAA and Compliance violations in a real clinical setting. This simulation style training is designed to include both HIPAA Training and Compliance & Ethics Training.

Lecture style training is where the Compliance Office will provide a PowerPoint presentation for participants to listen to. We are currently offering Lunch & Learn sessions at several campuses so that team members could get their training completed during lunch hour.


Current Online Training Modules

Name Link to Training
2024 Institutional Compliance & Ethics ACME
2024 HIPAA Privacy & Security ACME
2024 Conflict of Interest and Commitment Training & Disclosure                                     ACME
Billing Compliance TBD
Clery CSA Training TBD


Current Live Training Opportunities

Name Date Time Location Registration Link



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