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Referral List of Licensed Professionals for Testing 

Below is a list of service providers who advertise as qualified professionals that conduct assessments, render diagnosis of Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and make recommendations for accommodations for students. Student Disability Services at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center does not endorse any particular service provider. Provider contact information, as well as their ability to take patients at any given time, is subject to change. 

Before selecting a qualified professional, ask for credentials, what experience they have had working with adults with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders, and if they have worked with Student Disability Services at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. If not, you may want to provide the provider the SDS Documentation Guidelines. 

After the assessment has been completed, request a written copy of the assessment report as well as make an appointment to discuss the results and recommendations with the professional. Be sure to request additional resources if needed, and always keep a personal file of all your files and records. 

In order to obtain ADA accommodations, a copy of the report (along with a completed application) should be sent to Student Disability Services. Please allow 10 university working days for processing. 

Lubbock Area

Dr. Brian Carr
3709 22nd Place

Dr. Mary Ann Manley
3312 38th Street

Dr. Stuart J. Spendlove
5212 75th Street

Dr. Shaun Keel
2402 52nd Street, Suite 7

Neuropsychological Services
5701 Avenue P, Bldg. 9

Texas Tech Services

Dr. Esther Schwartz
TTU Wellness Center, 1003 Flint Ave.

Psychology Clinic at TTU
TTU Psychology Building

Greater Texas Area

Psychology Testing of Austin
4534 Westgate Blvd. #112, Austin TX

Diagnostic Learning Services of Dallas / Fort Worth
4011 W Plano Pkwy, Suite 104, Plano TX
5601 Bridge St., Suite 300, Ft. Worth, TX

Diagnostic Learning Services of Houston – Katy & The Woodlands
11111 Katy Fwy #910, Houston TX
2002 Timberloch Pl #200, The Woodlands TX

Dr. Barbara Hardin
8610 N. New Braunfels #302
San Antonio. TX

Diagnostic Learning Services of Austin
111 West Anderson Lane, Building E., Suite 346B, Austin, TX

Dr. Susan Hill
10300 North Central Expressway, Suite 172 Dallas, TX

Shaheen Ansari M.A., R.P.E.D.
Educational Services for Diverse Communities – Houston, TX

Dr. Robert A. Zachary, Ph.D.
21 Lynn Batts Lane, Suite 11
San Antonio, TX