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The Multi-Campus System

The first two years are offered on the Lubbock campus, contiguous with Texas Tech University. In Year 3 students move to the clinical arena on one of our four campuses: Lubbock, Amarillo, Covenant
or Permian Basin. The students are provided a diverse clinical experience in community hospitals and in the School of Medicine's ambulatory clinics. In the fourth year, students may take elective experiences at any of the regional campuses and at other institutions.

The educational program at each regional center is comparable as indicated by the number and types of patients seen by students and by student performance on measures such as National Board of Medical Examiners subject exams, oral examinations, departmental examinations, and clinical ratings by faculty.

Assignments to the regional campuses are based to the extent possible on a preference form that each
student will complete prior to being assigned to any of the regional campuses.