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Drawing of molecular structure

Chairman's Welcome

I welcome you to the CPMB website and to our Department! We are a collaborative group of outstanding scientists, trainees, and students with a long-running intellectual focus on the function, structure and fundamental properties of membrane proteins (with related efforts in structural biology and material science). We utilize multiple biological, biochemical, biophysical and computational approaches to gain insight into these amazing proteins which transport ions and substrates with exquisite specificity, transmit signals from the outside world into the cell, carry out essential chemical reactions in or near the membrane and, importantly, serve as targets for the majority of current and future drugs. I am honored to have been chosen to lead this group above and beyond its current level of excellence, and to grow our science in both basic and translational directions. If you have the interest and ambition to work with world-renowned scientists in small-lab settings, in a supportive and inclusive environment of collegiality and academic rigor, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Michael C. Wiener, Ph.D.


Cuello Lab

Dr. Luis Cuello

Research opening gates for better targeting drugs

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Dr. Bryan Sutton

Dr. Bryan Sutton

TTUHSC licenses rights to limb-girdle muscular dystrophy gene

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