Drawing of molecular structure

Primary Faculty:

Name  Research Contact Information
Guillermo Altenberg, M.D., Ph.D., Professor & Chair Structure-function of membrane proteins in natural and synthetic membranes
(806) 743-2531
Pablo Artigas, Ph.D., Associate Professor Structure based functional studies of Na/K ATPase and bilayer regulation of membrane protein function
(806) 743-1142
Luis Cuello, Ph.D., Associate Professor Structure-function studies of voltage-gated K+ channels
(806) 743-2525
Lan Guan, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of CMPR X-ray crystal structures and mechanisms of cation-coupled transporters
(806) 743-3102
Michaela Jansen, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor Structur and function studies of ligand-gated ion channels and transporters
(806) 743-4059
Hongjun Liang, Ph.D., Associate Professor Membrane biophysics and bionanotechnology
(806) 743-1463
Hairong Ma, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Protein folding dynamics and super-resolution imaging
(806) 743-3629
Raul Martínez-Zaguilán, Ph.D., Associate Professor Regulation of intracellular pH and calcium during angiogenesis (diabetes) an tumorigenesis (cancer)
(806) 743-2562
Luis Reuss, M.D., Emeritus Professor Transport across biological membranes luis.reuss@ttuhsc.edu
R. Bryan Sutton, Ph.D., Professor X-ray crystallography of peripheral membrane associating C2 domains in synaptotagmin and human dysferlin
(806) 743-4058

Joint & Adjunct Appointees:

Name Department Contact Information        
Michael Blanton, Ph.D. Pharmacology & Neuroscience, TTUHSC (806) 743-2425
Juyang Huang, Ph.D. Physics, TTU (806) 834-3182
Michael Latham, Ph.D. Chemistry & Biochemistry, TTU (806) 834-2564
Carla M.R. Lacerda, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, TTU (806) 834-4089
Carlos González León Biophysics, Centro Universitario de Neurociencias, Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile  
Thomas Pressley, Ph.D. Medical Education, TTUHSC (806) 743-1100
Mauricio Retamal, Ph.D. Physiology, Univ del Desarrollo Chile  
Doug Swartz, Ph.D. Natural Sciences, Lubbock Christian University (806) 720-7710
Ina Urbatsch, Ph.D. Cell Biology & Biochemistry, TTUHSC (806) 743-1192
Joachim Weber, Ph.D. Chemistry & Biochemistry, TTU (806) 742-1297
Benjamin Wylie, Ph.D. Chemistry & Biochemistry, TTU (806) 834-2328