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Membrane Protein Core Laboratory

The Membrane Protein Laboratory Core (MPLC), a shared facility of the Department of Cell Physiology and Molecular Biophysics (CPMB), houses equipment that is primarily accessible to the CPMB Faculty and their laboratory personnel, but is also available to Faculty throughout TTUHSC and TTU at no cost. The MPLC is equipped for the over-expression, purification and characterization of membrane proteins. Some of the equipment available includes an infrared gel-imaging system, spectrophotometers, fluorescence/absorbance microplate reader, microplate washer, luminometer, spectrofluorometers, refrigerated shaker incubators, centrifuges and ultracentrifuges, probe sonicator, small and large volume microfluidizers, FPLC systems, phosphorescence lifetime spectrometers for luminescence resonance energy transfer measurements, rapid-mixing stop-flow system for absorbance, fluorescence and light-scattering determinations, CD and ATR/FTIR spectrometers for secondary structure determination, a picosecond lifetime system, dynamic light scattering instruments, crystallization incubators, mosquito and NT8 Formulatrix crystallization robots, automatic UV microscopy system for crystal analysis, Rigaku ScreenMachine for X-ray crystal screening and data collection, high-throughput automatic frog-oocyte injector, automatic Nanion port-a-patch and Orbit Mini patch-clamp systems, liquid scintillation counter, ITC and DSC microcalorimenters, electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, and a Xenocs SAXS system.

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