Cheryl Erwin, JD, PhD | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

McCrary/McGovern Chair in Humanities and Ethics

Professor Departments of Medical Education and Psychiatry
Director, Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spirituality
Texas Tech University Health Science Center

School of Medicine



Dr. Cheryl Erwin is a dedicated humanist and educator, with experience directing curricula while incorporating the humanities into professionalism training in resilience and wellness for professionals.  Her teaching interests include medical humanities, health policy, professionalism and ethics. Since 2011 she has taught students and faculty in classes and Continuing Medical Education presentations at Texas Tech and as an invited speaker across the United States.  Dr. Erwin has a BS degree in molecular genetics and JD in law from the University of Houston, as well as a PhD in medical humanities from The University of Texas Medical Branch.  She is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas and has served the legal community as an expert in professionalism and professional conduct.

Professional Focus

Dr. Erwin’s interests integrate humanistic disciplines with medical science and explore the contribution of the law and medical humanities to the changing nature of medicine in a dynamic and diverse society.  She uses the knowledge and methods of the humanities to mediate among different interest groups to re-imagine a future with increased dialogue, better laws, and better policies.   She has been involved with health policy through research and advocacy and through writing about the ethical implications of technological advances. 

Teaching and Counseling

Her teaching explores the intersection of the humanities and healthcare.  She directed the first comprehensive Medical Humanities Certificate Program for undergraduate medical students in Texas, and combines teaching ethics with clinical consultation activities and the integration of humanistic practices in medicine into the overall curriculum.  Dr. Erwin is highly experienced in working with academic health care organizations and educational institutions in training and counseling students and professionals on ways to incorporate ethical practices and virtues into the everyday practice of research, teaching, and patient care.  She has mentored and educated professionals from all walks of life and stages of training as they explore the many forms of professional excellence.  She serves as the Ethics Consultant to the University Medical Center and the clinics of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Recent Publications

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