Medical Clerkship | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


During the third year 8-week Internal Medicine Clerkship the medical student will rotate as a clinical clerk on inpatient internal medicine wards and outpatient clinics with a goal of evaluating 50 or more patients in an inpatient and/or ambulatory clinic setting and attend a series of core classes as well as departmental conferences and morning reports. As a result, the student will develop basic competencies in evaluation and management of adult patients, build a core knowledge of common diseases seen in Internal Medicine, and acquire clinical skills, professional attitudes, and humanistic qualities needed for the care of Internal Medicine patients.


Based on a set of 10 diagnostic categories for Internal Medicine disease processes (as listed in the Online Patient Log), the student will evaluate a minimum of one real or simulated patient from each disease group. This evaluation will focus on a comprehensive history and physical examination, as well as a written assessment and treatment plan, for each patient. Learning sessions (including patient simulations and/or patient based discussions) will complement direct patient care, so that, by the end of the 8 week rotation, the student will develop these competencies:

* Note: Notations in parentheses show linkage to Institutional Educational Objectives