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Enhance Your Learning and Exposure

The Department of Internal Medicine is pleased to offer avid learners the opportunity to shadow our team during work rounds to enhance their learning and exposure to Internal Medicine. This is a hands-off shadowing experience, as per policy set forth by Texas Tech School of Medicine. Learners will have the opportunity to observe medicine physician's interaction with patients (with the patient's permission), engaging in thoughtful discussion of clinical cases, reviewing medical literature, enhancing clinical knowledge, and experiencing teamwork involved in care for our patients with opportunities of scholarly activities. 

Drew Payne

Dr. J. Drew Payne, DO FACP

Division of Internal Medicine
Observership Program 

Application Requirements

  • Individuals who are graduates from an approved medical school and aspire to participate in a learning experience. 
  • Individual will be required to provide proof US Citizenship or a Sponsored visa during the onboarding process. 
  • Must have an ECFMG certificate on file within 4 weeks of the start of rotation or LCME Accredited Medical School Diploma.
  • Medical School Transcript
  • USMLE Score Report
  • Current Curriculum Vitae

Application and Association Fees 

      • Non refundable application fee (upon approval of observership) - $250.  This application fee includes mal-practice or liability coverage required by TTUHSC. 
      • Criminal Background Check fee - Approximately $50 to $150 dollars depending extent of search per individual.
      • Observership Fee based on length of observership
        1. Two week  - $1000 
        2. Four week  - $2000

Observership Dates Available:

  • March 2023 (2 or 4 week slots available)
  • September 2023 (2 or 4 week slots available)
  • October 2023 (2 or 4 week slots available)
  • November 2023 (2 or 4 week slots available)
  • December 2023 (2 or 4 week slots available)
  • January to December 2024
*Dates that are not listed are full and have waiting lists.  

Observership Facilities

Below are the three facilities that the observer access during their observership with the department.  Each of these facilities are teaching facilities and/ academic facilities used by GME programs in Lubbock, Texas but they are all connected physically so travel and transportation is not required.


Onboarding Process

6 step flowchart for being accepted and approved for the observership