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Duties of PIT holders to Report

If you are a Physician in Training (PIT) permit holder, you must report, in writing, to the Executive Director of the board, the following circumstances within thirty days of their occurrence:

  • the opening of an investigation or disciplinary action taken against you by any licensing entity other than the Texas Medical Board;
  • an arrest, fine (over $100), charge or conviction of a crime, indictment, imprisonment, placement on probation, or receipt of deferred adjudication; and
  • diagnosis or treatment of a physical, mental or emotional condition, which has impaired or could impair your ability to practice medicine.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter (22 Tex. Admin. Code, Section 171) or Tex. Occ. Code, Sec. 160.002 and 160.003 may be grounds for disciplinary action as an administrative violation.  Duties of PIT holders to report are specified in 22 Tex. Admin. Code, Section 171.5.

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