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TTUHSC School of Nursing programs are highly competitive. Large applicant pools give us the opportunity to select the best and brightest students.

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Graduate Department

MSN Education and Leadership Tracks prepare graduates with a strong foundation in evidence-based practice, informatics, population health, leadership, quality management, patient safety and inter-professional practice. Graduates gain real-world, hands-on experiences through specialty track practicums.

Advanced Practice RNs (Nurse Practitioners) and Nurse Midwives are prepared to provide primary/acute care. Our graduates have rich didactic and clinical experiences that prepare them to enter practice. They have clinical experiences in a variety of settings including rural health and urban agencies. TTUHSC Advanced Practice RNs are equipped to be effective members of the health care team including roles as clinicians, educators, managers and advocates. Our graduates are recruited quickly to local, state and national practices.

Undergraduate Department

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program graduates are prepared to meet future nursing and health care challenges with an emphasis on quality for inter-professional evidence-based practice across the lifespan. Graduates have experiences with patients in simulation and in hospitals. During simulation experiences they work side-by-side with medical, biomedical, pharmacy and allied health students, enriching their ability to work in a team environment and communicate across disciplines.

RN to BSN graduates are registered nurses from throughout Texas who come from multiple clinical and cultural backgrounds and varying levels of experience to earn their BSN. The graduates have learned to access and use evidence in clinical and managerial decision making, understand informatics and its impact on practice and to broaden knowledge of the assessment and impact of families and communities on health outcomes.

Accelerated BSN

Second Degree BSN graduates are individuals who have nursing knowledge and diverse personal and professional experience. Because of the highly competitive admission process, second degree graduates come with more than 1,100 hours of clinical experience in the one-year program, hold high GPAs in both the BSN and the prior degree. They also possess maturity and diverse career backgrounds in areas like finance, engineering, kinesiology and nutrition.

The accelerated Veteran to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (VBSN) Program is designed specifically for veterans. This program recruits eligible veterans with prior military medical experience and utilizes their skills and experience to facilitate the process of accreditation of military education and training into acceptable college credits.

The targeted audience for recruitment for the Veteran to BSN program is the veteran who has prior healthcare experience and who already has, or is committed to completing, the undergraduate requirements for admission into nursing school.

Veteran to BSN graduates will enter careers as competent nurses who are prepared to continue their education if desired, into graduate school and administrative positions in healthcare and/or advanced nursing practice.