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Welcome to the TTUHSC School of Nursing SUCCESS PROGRAM! We, the Retention Counselors, are here to help you learn how to be successful, not just in nursing school but in building the foundation for a successful and rewarding career in professional nursing. We have many resources to help you in your journey toward success, including tips on studying, time management, stress & coping, math and test-taking. Use the Resources tab at the right to access theses helpful tools and more!

But some of the most important resources you have are the Retention Counselors (nurses at the BSN level or higher). Your Retention Counselor is here to help with all of the above, plus has a friendly, caring interest in you - the student and the person.

Please remember - we want to hear from you - there is no shame in needing or asking for help. But not asking for help due to fear or pride hurts all of us. Let us hear from you (sooner rather than too late!)

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Services Offered

The purpose of the Success Program is to assist every student in learning how to achieve success, which is identified (at a minimum) as remaining in nursing school and graduating on time. The services Retention Counselors offer include, but are not limited to, guidance to:

  • Assess learning needs
  • Identify obstacles to learning
  • Assist in learning new skills, such as:
    • Test-taking skills
    • Improved study skills
    • Time management skills
    • Coping strategies to address mild situational anxieties
  • Introduce new resources, such as ATI, NCLEX review books, quality nursing websites and other learning tools
  • Review of exams and NCLEX questions
  • Provide a sounding board for balancing the pressures of nursing school
  • Referrals for:
    • Peer tutors
    • Professional counseling services
    • Student Services for ADA testing/accommodations
    • Department Chair or Student Services for advice on scholarships and financial aid



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