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RN to BSN Requirements

The School of Nursing offers our highly acclaimed RN to BSN degree program to help you go beyond the basics and reach your potential as a nurse. Registered nurses can find the flexibility and timeline they need with this program, since the courses are accessible on the web. Our online RN to BSN program means you have access to academic education at work or at home, wherever or whenever you want to study. Our faculty are ready to build on your experience by examining new trends and theories, exploring critical issues, emphasizing applicable professional nursing practices and incorporating concepts of holistic care.

All Texas Core Curriculum requirements (CC) as established by Texas legislation must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in the RN to BSN program, and prior to course attendance at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center campus. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center does not offer general education courses. General education requirements completed at a private or out-of-state institution may not be equivalents of the required Texas Core Curriculum, and may not excuse a student from not completing the core curriculum. For additional information on Texas Core Curriculum, click here.

Effective Spring 2021 admissions cycle: TTUHSC School of Nursing is no longer requiring CHEM 1305 & 1105 or 1406 or 1411 (4 SCH) as a prerequisite for the RN to BSN Program.

If an applicant has already successfully taken Chemistry, those hours will be counted toward the required 54 SCH pre-requisites for consideration of admissions into the program.  This includes the mandate for all applicants to be core complete. 

If an applicant has not taken CHEM 1305 & 1105 or 1406 or 1411 (4 SCH), they now have the option to take an additional 4 SCH of electives which would count toward the required 54 SCH as well as meeting core curriculum requirements.

Please contact the Office of Admissions at applynursing@ttuhsc.edu or 806-743-9294 with any questions regarding prerequisites.

School of Nursing Requirements

Texas Core Curriculum Requirements
Course Credits
Communication (010) 6 Credit Hours
Mathematics (020) 3 Credit Hours
Life and Physical Sciences (030) 6 Credit Hours
Language, Philosophy & Culture (040) 3 Credit Hours
Creative Arts (050) 3 Credit Hours
American History (060) 6 Credit Hours
Government/Political Science (070) 6 Credit Hours
Social and Behavioral Science (080) 3 Credit Hours
Component Area Option (090) 6 Credit Hours
Total Core Curriculum Requirements 42 Credit Hours

In addition to being Texas Core Complete, please find below the necessary pre-requisites for admission into the RN to BSN Program.

Some of these pre-requisites may count toward being Texas Core Complete.

TTUHSC School of Nursing Prerequisites
TTUHSC Course Codes TCCNS Common Codes Description Credits
CORE 010N ENGL 1301* English I 3
CORE 010N ENGL 1302* English II 3
PREQ 0005 MATH 1342, 1442*+ (CORE 020N) Statistics 3
PREQ 0001 BIOL 2401* (CORE 030N) Anatomy & Physiology I w/ lab 4
PREQ 0002 BIOL 2402* Anatomy & Physiology II w/ lab 4
PREQ 0003 BIOL 2420 or 2421* Microbiology with lab 4
CORE 040N Language, Philosophy & Culture Must be a Texas core Humanities course 3
CORE 050N Creative Arts Must be a Texas core Creative Arts course 3
CORE 060N HIST 1301* History of the US to 1877 3
CORE 060N HIST 1302* History of the US since 1877 3
CORE 070N GOVT 2305 or POLS 1301* American Govt Organization 3
CORE 070N GOVT 2306 or POLS 2302* American Public Policy 3
PREQ 0006 PSYC 2301* (CORE 080N) General Psychology 3
PREQ 0007 PSYC 2314* (CORE 080N) Life Span Human Development 3
PREQ 0008 BIOL 1322* Nutrition 3
  Elective (CORE 010N-090N) Must be Texas Core approved course 6
  Additional 4 hours of electives Does not need to be Texas Core approved courses 4
    Total 54

* Course numbers listed are based on the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). Check with your academic institution to verify the course number that corresponds with the TCCNS number.

^ Nutrition can be waived dependent up on the APN's curriculum design

Transfer Credit

Courses provided from other institutions with equivalent course content are acceptable for transfer credit if a "C" or better was earned. Note: pass/fail courses are not acceptable for transfer. Maximum credits allowed for CLEP or correspondence courses are 15 each.

If any of the pre-requisites have been or will be CLEPPED you will not receive credit towards the GPA we calculate. CLEP credit must be on an official college transcript for us to accept it.