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Welcome to the Office of People and Values! We are committed to creating, promoting and fostering a sustainable values-based organizational environment that champions growth and development opportunities for all TTUHSC team members. We are here to help you reach your personal and professional goals in any way we can. 


Through our values-based culture, TTUHSC is committed to cultivating an exceptional workplace community with a positive culture that puts people first. These five values drive everything we do and describe how we live out our vision and mission at TTUHSC: one team, kindhearted, integrity, visionary and beyond service. LEARN MORE »

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Bringing Our Values to Life

Together with the Values Culture Ambassadors, the People & Values team sheds light on our core values and provides guidance on how we can operationalize them in our daily work. Meet your Values Ambassador and ask how you can get started.



The People & Values team proudly coordinates several leadership development programs as part of our commitment to the growth of all TTUHSC team members. Our full-cycle development programs are designed to ensure development is available to all team members, regardless of their years of service or position within the University. 


Map Out Your Development Journey

Our full-cycle development programs are designed to ensure development is available to all TTUHSC team members (Faculty and Staff), regardless of their years of service or position within the University.

As you consider each of these programs, we encourage you to reflect on your role within the organization to determine which programs best meet your needs. Ideally, we would have team members complete each program in order, but we understand everyone has different leadership development experiences. Should you have any questions on one or all of our programs, please reach out to the Office of People and Values.

Leadership Foundations

This 6-session program introduces leadership theories and models to TTUHSC team members who have been with TTUHSC for at least 6 months and have an interest in moving into a leadership role within the organization.

  • PROGRAM LENGTH: 3 months
  • PROGRAM SIZE: Limited to 25 team members
  • FREQUENCY: Every quarter
  • Applications are currently being accepted for the July-September and October-December cohorts.  


Emerging Leaders

This 6-session program provides functional knowledge of effective leadership to TTUHSC team members with less than three years supervisory experience. 

  • PROGRAM LENGTH: 6 months
  • PROGRAM SIZE: Limited to 20 team members
  • FREQUENCY: Twice per year
  • Applications will be accepted in May 2024 for the Emerging Leaders July-December cohort.


Next-Level Leaders

This 6-session program is designed for TTUHSC team members with at least five years of supervisory experience and seek to further develop their personal and professional leadership style. 

  • PROGRAM LENGTH: 6 months
  • PROGRAM SIZE: Limited to 15 team members
  • FREQUENCY: Twice per year
  • Applications will be accepted in May 2024 for the Next Level Leaders July-December cohort. 

One Team Fellows

As our capstone course, this highly-selective program provides rigorous high-level leader development to include pre-work, classroom instruction, team and organization-wide projects, readings and various other experiences designed to enhance the leadership abilities.

  • PROGRAM LENGTH: 12 months
  • PROGRAM SIZE: Limited to 15 team members
  • FREQUENCY: Every year




Each month, the Office of People and Values introduces new webinars on a variety of topics. These sessions are designed to enhance individual and team performance, promote personal and professional development, and facilitate organizational learning.



Click on the webinar title to register! Sessions are one hour in length and offered via Zoom.

*Please note, in order to receive credit in ACME, you must register through the Zoom link provided here, using your email address. For all questions, please email Past participants – we would love your feedback! Please share your thoughts and experiences

TTUHSC + Udemy Business

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has partnered with Udemy Business to provide 24/7 on-demand access to thousands of online courses to TTUHSC students, faculty and staff. Use your eRaider credentials to log in today at

Need help? Please email


On-Demand Courses for all TTUHSC Team Members and Students

Learn new skills, refresh professional competencies, and build digital capabilities! Udemy Business offers on-demand access to high-quality online courses anytime, anywhere, as well as curated learning resources that can be combined to build customized learning paths. 

Who can use it?

Active TTUHSC faculty, staff and students.

How much does it cost?

The service is free for all TTUHSC team members and students.

How to access it:

Simply log in with your eRaider credentials at

How do I recommend a course to a team member?

Please reference these instructions to learn how to recommend a Udemy course to your team members.

Need more help? 

If you have questions, please visit the Udemy Support site, or email the OPV team at


The Office of People and Values team includes certified facilitators for several different team assessments and workshop programs. Additionally, the People & Values team offers individualized, customized programs to improve communication, collaboration and effectiveness according to the unique needs of a team.

To learn more and get started, please email


The People & Values team facilitates several well-known assessment programs, including:

  • The Six Types of Working Genius
  • True Colors®
  • Team Effectiveness Diagnostic/Inventory (TEQ)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Additionally, we can provide unique, individualized training based on our Values and the needs of your team. Contact us to get started!



The Office of People and Values provides development opportunities that seek to meet the ever-changing needs of our team members. We are honored to serve and support you! TTUHSC Team Members can find additional information and resources on our intranet page

Contact our team with questions or comments.


Adam McKee

Adam McKee
Assistant Vice President - People & Values
TTUHSC // Lubbock
Room 1B100F
3601 4th Street, STOP 8100
Lubbock, TX  79430
O 806.743.4537

Tanya Fraley

Tanya Fraley
People and Values Senior Manager
TTUHSC // Amarillo
Room 154
1400 Wallace Blvd.
Amarillo, TX  79106
O 806.414.9920

Thomas Price

Thomas Price
Professional Development Specialist
TTUHSC // Abilene & Permian Basin
Room 2624
1674 Pine Street
Abilene, TX  79601
O 325.696.0447


David Thames

David Thames
Values Development Program Manager
TTUHSC // Lubbock
Room 1B100G
3601 4th Street, STOP 8100
Lubbock, TX  79430
O 806.743.3017

Dixon Brusewitz

Dixon Brusewitz
Professional Development Specialist
TTUHSC // Lubbock
Room 1B100B
3601 4th Street, STOP 8100
Lubbock, TX  79106
O 806.743.1587



Each month, the Texas Tech University System Office of Leader & Culture Development records new episodes geared towards learning and development. 

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