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Our Values

We are proud to share our Values-Based Culture with all our constituents – faculty, staff, students, patients and community members. These core values⁠—One Team, Kindhearted, Integrity, Visionary, and Beyond Service⁠—are integral to our purpose, and we aim to align with those values on a daily basis.

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One Team

Unite and include diverse perspectives to achieve our mission.

  • Empower and energize one another to create positive growth
  • Collaborate through open communication
  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable by giving and accepting constructive feedback
  • Foster a fun and healthy environment that encourages team spirit
  • Recognize and celebrate contributions and achievements
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Exceed expectations with a kind heart, helping hands and a positive attitude.

  • Assume good intentions
  • Listen first to understand
  • Treat all consistently with compassion, respect and an open mind
  • Acknowledge each other with courtesy
  • Respond rather than react
values integrity


Be honorable and trustworthy even when no one is looking.

  • Be honest regardless of the outcome
  • Make ethical choices in every situation
  • Honor commitments
  • Be transparent in your purpose, expectations and actions
  • Protect and conserve institutional resources
values visionary


Nurture innovative ideas, bold explorations and a pioneering spirit.

  • Promote an innovative environment that embraces appropriate risk
  • Be resilient and confident when faced with challenges
  • Inspire continuous curiosity
  • Demonstrate and inspire commitment to life long learning and personal development
values beyond service

Beyond Service

Create and deliver positive defining moments.

  • Anticipate the needs of each individual and respond with a generous heart
  • Invest in the well-being, safety and success of all by going the extra mile
  • Be solution-oriented, create the pathway to a win-win resolution
  • Deliver excellence in everything we do
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Values Pledge

As members of the TTUHSC Values-Based Culture, we are now accountable to live our Values. If you choose, you may complete the Values Pledge. Once you have filled it out, please bring the document to your local People & Values team member to pick up a compass rose lapel pin. By wearing the pin, we are reminding team members and others with whom we interact, that we would like them to hold us accountable.


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