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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
Engagement Values Integration Team

The Engagement Values Integration Team was formed in June 2021 with the purpose of identifying and providing tools, highlighting opportunities, and creating a roadmap for individuals to engage with and implement the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Shared Values in their everyday life. 

Led by Kevin Hunt, and Evelyn Sbar, team members have committed to living a life of shared values and influencing others to do the same. With thanks to, and in collaboration with the TTUSA Engagement, and Love our Work Values Integration teams, they are seeking ways to evaluate engagement across TTUHSC, looking for opportunities to improve understanding of the core values of our organization, and creating initiatives to help TTUHSC team members engage further in alignment with those shared values.

Team Members: 

Name Email Campus
Ben Leeah ben.leeah@ttuhsc.edu Amarillo
Dayna La-Vallee Dayna.La-Vallee@ttuhsc.edu Midland
Debra Winckler debra.winckler@ttuhsc.edu Abilene
Ella O'Neal ella.oneal@ttuhsc.edu Lubbock
Evelyn Sbar evelyn.sbar@ttuhsc.edu Amarillo
Kandice Garner kandice.garner@ttuhsc.edu Dallas
Kevin Hunt kevin.hunt@ttuhsc.edu Lubbock
Lisa Sutherland Lisa.Sutherland@ttuhsc.edu Odessa
Malissa Campbell malissa.campbell@ttuhsc.edu Abilene
Mandy Hanousek Mandy.Hanousek@ttuhsc.edu Lubbock
Meredith Sigler meredith.sigler@ttuhsc.edu Dallas
Perry Austin perry.austin@ttuhsc.edu Abilene
Robert Griffin robert.griffin@ttuhsc.edu Amarillo
Sara Garza sara.garza@ttuhsc.edu Lubbock

*Bold indicates Team Leaders