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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
Inside TTUHSC Academic Event Center

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Academic Event Center

Event services are currently operating under modified operations due to COVID19

The Academic Event Center (AEC) will re-open on May 1st, 2021 with restrictions 

  • The AEC usage is subject to TTUHSC SAFE guidelines on campus spaces and events
    • The user is responsible to comply accordingly to Campus Spaces and Events
      • Please note this includes:

        1. Attendance and food & beverage limitations
        2. Responsibilities of the host planning department 
        3. Release form for third party use (if needed) 
  • AEC is subject to OP 61.07

A New Home for Academic Events

The new Academic Events Center (AEC) offers Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) an attractive venue for academic and meeting needs. The customizable event area is available to students and TTUHSC employees for a variety of functions.

With 5,111 square feet of meeting space, the AEC provides the expanding campus community with meeting space and offers conference facilities including tables, chairs and cleanup.

Optional features include a stage, customizable airwalls and a security officer. A security officer is required for events serving alcohol and is charged at a rate of $110/hour.

Rates for Academic Event Center

½ Day (no more than 5 hours)

Full Day (more than 5 hours)

TTUHSC Student No charge No charge
TTUHSC Internal No charge No charge
External (MUST be sponsored by a TTUHSC department) $2,000 $3,000
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center decorated inside for the university's 50th anniversary celebration
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center with guests attending the university's 50th anniversary celebration
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center with guests attending the university's 50th anniversary celebration
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center seating area
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center seating area
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center inside the main room
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center outside view
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center outside view
  • TTUHSC Academic Event Center outside view
  • Rates will be evaluated on an annual basis and are subject to change
  • If your event falls on a weekend or afterhours (after Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) there MAY be additional charges related to staffing

Square Feet

  • 5,111


  • Occupancy 
    • 100% = 340 people
      • Ballroom Seating: 280 people (35 round tables with 8 chairs at each)
      • Theater Seating: 300 people (with room for a stage) 
    • 50% = 170 people 
    • 25% = 85 people

 Included Items

  • Tables & chairs (no linens) 
  • Microphones, speakers and screens built-in (HDMI connection for your laptop)
  • Laptops are available, however it's always recommended to bring your own laptop with an HDMI connection, if possible  
  • Ice & reverse osmosis water
  • Hookup via a headphone jack for background/hallway music, so you can bring your own iPod/music player/smart phone 
  • Small kitchen with freezer & refrigerator
  • Trash removal 
  • TechLink and/or Zoom are both available, for futher details visit Classroom Support.If you need to use teleconferencing services, please submit a work request from TTUHSC IT’s department:


  • Security Officer* (required when serving alcohol) *additional fees may apply
  • Stage, no charge
  • Airwalls, no charge (The room can be split into three sections: 1/2, 1/4 & 1/4) 

Booking Requests

  • All requests for the Academic Event Center, the University Center Lobby, and the University Center Third Floor Terrace should be submitted here. 
  • An email notification will confirm your request after it is approved
  • To confirm your request has been submitted, check the "Check Availability" link below 
  • Date limitations on requests:
    • minimum of 2 weeks
    • maximum of 1 calendar year from today
  • STEP ONE:Check Availability

  • STEP TWO:Submit Request

    • (If there is already an event scheduled for the same venue and same day please allow a minimum of 3 hours for teardown/setup for the next event.) 


  • Parking Map

  • The purple visitor parking lot directly north and east of the Conference Center has about 60 spaces

  • If you have an event with more than 60 external guests that need parking (that do not already have a parking pass at TTUHSC) and the event will occur before 5pm during the week, please complete a special event parking request. Note that bus parking is in lot F3.

  • Special Event Parking Request (eRaider sign-in required): Not needed if event meets ONE of these three requirements: 

    1. Has less than 60 guests (we have enough parking to accommodate this) 
    2. Occurs after 5pm (parking is not an issue after the workday is over) 
    3. Consists of all TTUHSC faculty/staff/students (these internal users already have parking and should park in their normally assigned lot before 5pm) 



Booking Priorities/Example Events:

1. Academics and Research
Example: Interview Day for Schools, CME Conferences, Student Research Week
2. Service and Outreach
Example: Red Bag Tours
3. People
Example: HR Award Ceremony
4. Other TTUS Institutions (TTU/TTUHSCEP/TTUS/ASU)
Example: TTU System hosting a Health Care Panel with Elected Officials
5. Outside Parties
Example: American Heart Association (must be sponsored by a TTUHSC department) 

Outside/3rd Parties please note O.P. 61.07

61.07, Use of TTUHSC Premises and Amplification Equipment

Outside individuals or groups who are not faculty, staff or a currently enrolled student may attend functions held on TTUHSC premises, and may use the Free Speech Areas designated below, but to be eligible for use of TTUHSC premises, the function must be sponsored or cosponsored by, and affiliated with, a recognized TTUHSC department or registered student organization. Sponsorship and/or co-sponsorship minimally include, but are not limited to, participation in planning, coordination and implementation directly by members of the sponsoring organizations. Sponsors are directly responsible for ensuring that activities and events comply with TTUHSC requirements for liability insurance, hold-harmless agreements, financial responsibility for property damage, etc. 

Serving Alcohol: 

Per HSC OP 72.16, the caterer needs to meets the following criteria: (a) Alcohol can only be served by vendors properly licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to serve/sell. (b) All servers must be TABC certified and follow the TABC rules concerning the serving and dispensing of alcohol. (c) The vendor is required to provide proof of licensure and to ensure all served are TABC certified. (d) The event agreement from the vendor/caterer must contain a clause indemnifying TTUHSC and TTUS along with evidence of insurance compliant with current TTUHSC and TTUS standards.

And you must get approval from the Office of the President.