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Social Committee


The Social Committee is responsible for coordination and publicizing the social functions of the Student Senate, including but not limited to, Fall Fest, Holiday Extravaganza, and Spring Fling. They are also responsible for the HSC Student Senate Awards and Installation Banquet which includes the Teacher of the Year Awards. In order to fulfill the publication duties, the committee should work with the Senate Secretary to ensure all events are in the Senate newsletter, the Daily Toreador, and other media as appropriate. Finally, this committee is responsible for notifying all senators prior to each Senate meeting or other special event as directed by the Senate President.

Comittee Chair
Shannon Sulak

Shannon Sulak


Grace Berry
Aria Cole
Anudeep Dasaraju
Brent Faver
Posha GT
Grace Kibuule
Chris Marrs
Rabiya Noor
Mariel Parra
Stacy Philip
Payten Spielberger
Yvonne Umeh