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Willed Body Memorial

Willed Body Program Information

As you are planning for the future, and for the future of your family, you might also consider a larger picture. One of the most generous gifts that an individual or family can make is to donate one’s body for anatomical education and research. Willed body donation for anatomical education and research has existed for over one hundred years in Texas and has benefited countless generations. This unique gift helps students discover the complexity of the human body and become better health care providers, by advancing their medical knowledge. In addition the gift of body donation aids specialists in developing new procedures, while keeping their current skills sharp, insuring they are providing the best care for their patients.

2022 Willed Body Memorial Ceremony

Donation Information and Forms

Please feel free to review the Willed Body Program Information Packet and the FAQ portion of this page for additional information. You are always welcome to contact our office if you are interested in beginning this process for yourself. We have placed the necessary forms for registration on this page for your convenience.

Donation of Self

Keep in mind completion of the forms does NOT constitute acceptance into our program. All donors MUST be pre-screened for approval by a Willed Body Program staff member. The forms should be printed and signed by the donor and two adult witnesses. The originals forms should be mailed to our office for review and approval of registration.

Donation of Next of Kin

Donation of next of kin is reserved for time of death donation and must be signed by the immediate next of kin and two adult witnesses. A copy of the completed next of kin donation forms must be faxed or emailed to the Willed Body Program. Original forms must be mailed to the Willed Body Program to complete the process.

In memory of those who have given of themselves so, that others may live in health and happiness.

Epitaph Honoring Our Donors 

Got Questions?

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