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Interdisciplinary Anatomical Sciences

The Institute of Anatomical Sciences (Anatomy Institute) promotes interdisciplinary anatomical education, research, and outreach missions of all schools of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) with the ultimate goal of increasing healthcare delivery and effectiveness based on a greater knowledge and understanding of clinical anatomy.

The Anatomy Institute aims to be an integral part of TTUHSC education of faculty and trainees. The Institute supports multiple modes of clinical anatomy research including investigator initiated research, research supported by grants from outside sources, and carefully selected industry-sponsored studies.

The need for human bodies for medical education and research has never been greater. One of the most generous gifts an individual can make is to donate one’s body for health related education and research. Looking to donate? Please click the link below for more information.

The Anatomical Sciences Laboratories range over 19,500 sq ft and include state of the art training facilities ranging from research, neuro anatomy, surgical skills, small group training and an expansive main academic teaching lab of approximately 7,000 square feet. For more information about our Anatomical Sciences Space, please click the link below.

The Institute of Anatomical Sciences provides safety orientation and training as well as university dissection based courses and anatomical reviews and skills labs for clinicians. For more information about safety and orientation or to complete a Human Gross Anatomy Lab use form, visit the link below.

Message from the Directors

Welcome to the TTUHSC Institute of Anatomical Sciences. We are excited about the opportunities that the Institute offers to faculty, staff, students, collaborators, and citizens of West Texas.

The Institute of Anatomical Sciences was developed to foster an interdisciplinary environment for education and research collaborations. The Willed Body Program within the Institute provides a compassionate service to those in our region interested in whole body donation.

Future healthcare leaders are forged within the Institute’s walls, learning the foundational science of human anatomy. Graced with the gift of learning from the willed body donors, students learn from those who have passed before them (“Mortui Vivos Docent”-“The dead teach the living”).

Empowered by tremendous state of the art facilities, students and clinicians have the ability to build their anatomical foundation, conduct research, and simulate surgical procedures.

The multipurposed space has small, medium, and large lab spaces to accommodate learning and research activities.

Come join the Institute of Anatomical Sciences as we build an interdisciplinary foundation of anatomical education, post-graduate training, and collaborative national and international research. 


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