2020 Distinguished Staff Awards | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

2020 Award Recipients

More information about each award can be found on the Award Descriptions page.

Quality Staff Award

Aaron Brooks, Abilene

Sarah Wood, Lubbock

Renee Bogschutz, Lubbock

Michelle Kelsey, Abilene

Jameson Baudelaire, Lubbock

Julie Andis, Managed Care, Pampa 

Sally Short, Abilene

Donnise Gutierrez, Managed Care

Vanessa Cortez, Lubbock

Dhavalkumar Patel, Amarillo

Gina Stockman, Lubbock

Carrie Culpepper, Managed Care

Quality Supervisor Award

Julie Forrest, Lubbock

Fabian Blanco, Lubbock

Charla Cothrin, Lubbock

Quality Team Award

Family Medicine Team Amarillo:

Toni Bryan

Joanne Ascensio 

Institute of Anatomical Sciences Implementation Team Lubbock:

Jason Jones

Bryce McGregor

Whitney Green

Trey Albus

Justin White

Deanna Wise

Maggie Ryan

Jenna Eckstein

Carleigh Smith 

Bryce Looney

Aaron Scherpereel

Claudia Costa

Nora Lane

Aric Johnson  

President’s Award of Excellence

Theresia Rountree, Abilene

Deborah Chavez, Lubbock

Chancellor’s Award of Excellence

Danette Baker, Lubbock

Shawn Olbeter, Lubbock

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