Values-Based Culture | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

Our Values

We are proud to share our Values-Based Culture with all our constituents – faculty, staff, students, patients and community members. These core values⁠—One Team, Kindhearted, Integrity, Visionary, and Beyond Service⁠—are integral to our purpose, and we aim to align with those values on a daily basis.

Visit the Office of People and Values to learn more about our Values-Based Culture.


One Team

Unite and include diverse perspectives to achieve our mission.

  • Empower and energize one another to create positive growth
  • Collaborate through open communication
  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable by giving and accepting constructive feedback
  • Foster a fun and healthy environment that encourages team spirit and belonging
  • Promote and celebrate identities, experiences, strengths, and achievements


Exceed expectations with a kind heart, helping hands and a positive attitude.

  • Assume good intentions
  • Listen first to understand
  • Treat all consistently with compassion, respect and an open mind
  • Acknowledge all with courtesy and appreciate different perspectives
  • Respond rather than react


Be honorable and accountable even when no one is looking.

  • Be honest regardless of the outcome
  • Make ethical choices in every situation
  • Build trust by modeling respect and honoring commitments
  • Be transparent in your purpose, expectations and actions
  • Protect and conserve institutional resources


Nurture innovative ideas, bold explorations and a pioneering spirit.

  • Promote an innovative environment that embraces appropriate risk, unique ideas, and evolving needs
  • Be resilient, confident and fair when faced with challenges
  • Inspire continuous curiosity
  • Demonstrate and inspire commitment to lifelong learning and personal development

Beyond Service

Create and deliver positive defining moments.

  • Anticipate the needs of each individual and respond with empathy and a generous heart
  • Invest in the inclusion, well-being, empowerment, and success of all by going the extra mile
  • Collaborate to create pathways to equitable solutions
  • Deliver excellence in everything we do

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