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Workplace Accommodations

TTUHSC is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all qualified individuals. Individuals with disabilities will not be discriminated against and will be provided necessary reasonable accommodation(s) in accordance with federal and state law, regulations, policies, and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidance. In line with our Values-Based Culture, we seek to create an environment that empowers team members, students, applicants, and all guests of our institution, to have accessibility and opportunity without disabilities being a barrier. 

Students and Members of the Public

Please note that the below information is most relevant to team members and prospective job applicants. Students who need academic accommodations should contact Student Disability Services. Members of the public (including visitors and patients) should contact Texas Tech Physicians Patient Services for more information or accommodations.

Requests for Accommodation

Current employees

Team members (faculty, staff, or student) who need disability-related accommodation(s) should make the request to their immediate supervisor or reach out to their local campus HR team.

Job Applicants

Prospective employees who need a disability-related accommodation in completing an application, interviewing, completing any pre-employment testing or otherwise participating in the employee selection process, should contact the campus Human Resources team that is most relevant to their location or prospective job: 

Campus HR Contact Information

Additional Information and Resources


Supervisors who receive a disability-related request, or regard an employee as having a disability that may require accommodation, should contact their campus Human Resources leadership. 


TTUHSC will maintain the confidentiality of all medical records concerning accommodations. 

Helpful Links


For questions or additional information, please contact your local TTUHSC Human Resources team. 

Additional information can be found in HSC OP 51.04 Access for Individuals with Disabilities and TTUS Regulation 07.11 Access for Individuals with Disabilities.