Office of Global Health | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
TTUHSC Global Health student talking with patient

The Office of Global Health (OGH) serves as a resource to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) community for global health education both on our campuses and abroad.

The Office of Global Health supports the institutional mission and goals of TTUHSC by engaging in activities that enhance the education of its students, faculty, and staff through exposure to international health experiences.

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  • The R Word
    • Filmmaker Amanda Lukoff grew up advocating for her sister Gabrielle, especially whenever she heard the word retard(ed). With The R-Word, she unravels the history and lasting effects of this word through the lens of the sibling experience, captivating animation sequences, and self-advocates speaking truth-to-power - ultimately making the case for why the conversation surrounding people with intellectual and developmental disabilities needs to change.

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  • Knowledge X Identity: The Confluence of knowledge and identity with Asheley Landrum, PhD
    • A common assumption of scientific experts and public health officials is that more effective explanations will help increase public acceptance of science-backed information. This “deficit model of communication”—that people would agree with scientific consensus if they simply understood the facts—has been debunked by both research and practice. While facts matter, they do not exist in a vacuum. People reason about information through filters composed of their prior knowledge and cultural values. In doing so, they engage in motivated reasoning, sometimes rejecting evidence and arguments that conflict with their existing worldviews. Thus, certain audiences may understand but still reject scientific consensus when it clashes with their own views.

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  • Culture in Art&Movement: Drag
    • We welcome Miss Calvina Incomparable to the Culture in series to discuss the history and cultural importance of drag and how drag helps promote unity and visibility within the LGBTQIA+ community