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It is TTUHSC’s policy that students may not travel to a Restricted Region for academic, professional, or other school-related purposes. A Restricted Region includes but is not limited to a country with a current U.S. Department of State travel advisory level of 3 (Reconsider Travel) or 4 (Do Not Travel). Visit the Department of State web site for travel advisory levels.

TTUHSC may grant exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis. Requesting a travel exemption and submitting the required documentation for review does not guarantee travel approval. We strongly recommend that no travel arrangements be made until you have received written approval to travel to the designated Restricted Region.

Obtaining Approval for Travel to a Restricted Region

  • Contact the Office of Global Health (OGH). Prior to contacting OGH, we recommend you verify with your school the academic merits of the program and/or site you've selected and any school-specific prerequisites for participation in an international program.
  • Complete an application. Visit the OGH website to complete an application. Please select "other" for program you'll participate in. Applications must be submitted to OGH by the designated application due date.  
  • Complete an International Program Worksheet. After receiving the completed application, OGH will forward to you an international program worksheet to be completed and returned to OGH. All international program worksheets must be submitted to OGH by the designated application due date.
  • Initiate Approval Process. The international program approval worksheet will be reviewed byOGH who may contact you for additional information and/or clarification. After reviewing the international program worksheet,OGH will begin the approval process 
    • International Affairs Council. All travel requests to Restricted Regions must be reviewed by the TTUHSC International Affairs Council (IAC) who will determine whether or not to approve the program site. The international program approval worksheet will be reviewed by the IAC at the next available IAC meeting. IAC meetings are scheduled to correspond with application dues dates.
    • Dean. After review by the International Affairs Council, the program approval form will be forwarded to the dean for review.

After the approval process is completed, you will be notified by OGH as to whether or not the program site has been approved. If the travel request is approved, you will then begin completing the pre-departure requirements.

Depending on the date of submission, the approval process could take up to three months. As such, all requests for travel to Restricted Regions should be submitted to OGH 4-6 months prior to the program start date.