International Agreement Procedure | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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The procedure for creating a collaborative agreement with a university or institution abroad for student exchange and faculty exchange is outlined below. For more information about current sites, visit our website. For a quick overview of the steps, please see the PDF linked here

Exploration and Consultation


Routing and Approval

Step 4: School Level Approval


Step 5: Institutional Level Review


Negotiation and Consensus

Step 6: Letter of Intent


Step 7: Program Agreement


International Program Worksheet


Step 8: Review and Renewal

To renew an agreement at the end of its term, the faculty champion must submit a new International Collaboration Worksheet. Any changes or new developments in the collaboration must be noted on the Worksheet. The process for renewal follows the same procedure as that for establishing a new agreement.

Strategic Plan

After demonstrated success and sustainability of the international program site, the faculty champion will be required to submit a strategic plan for the site to the Office of Global Health. The Office of Global Health will contact the faculty champion with the necessary templates to be used for development of the strategic plan.