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International Programs Approval Process

The following information outlines the approval process for students interested in participating in a TTUHSC international program or elective at a teaching hospital/institution abroad or through a health related organization.

Remember:The approval process must begin at the school level. Students should discuss their program choice with their school and contact their school for any school-specific application guidelines and due dates.

  • After you've discussed your selected program with your school, please contact OGH to begin the approval process. OGH is involved in the approval process in these instances to ensure the institution, university, or organization abroad meets the safety & security criteria put in place by TTUHSC. Please be aware that the approval process requires 4-6 weeks. You should begin the approval process 4-6 months prior to your departure.
  • OGH will provide a program request worksheet. You must complete the worksheet and return it to OGH. All items on the worksheet must be completed or the worksheet will be returned to you.
  • Once OGH receives the completed worksheet, the worksheet will be reviewed and a decision regarding approval of your program will be made.
  • If the program is approved by OGH, the program request worksheet will be forwarded to the dean of your school and the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval.
  • OGH will contact you when the approval process has been completed. Some organizations require that their own application and approval process be completed in addition to TTUHSC's. You should not start this process until you have been informed by OGH that your program request has been approved.
  • If your selected program is approved, you must still complete an application for TTUHSC. Click here to locate the application. 

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