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Aphasia ID


Stack of books

  • My Stroke: 450 Days from Severe Aphasia to Speaking, Reading & Writing by Donald F. Weinstein, Ph.D
  • Finding Another Voice: Moments of Wonder A collection of inspirational and motivational poetry by Leonard Zion
  • The Aphasia Handbook : A Guide for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors and Their Families–Edited and adapted by Martha Taylor Sarno, MA, MD (hon) and Joan F. Peters
  • One Hundred Names for Love by Diane Ackerman


Popcorn and a movie reel

  • “EMPOWER: Living Well With Aphasia”
  • “It’s Still Me: A Guide for People with Aphasia & Their Loved Ones”
  • “Hope is a Four Letter Word”
  • “After Words”

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