Classroom Support | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
TTUHSC classroom with students and professor

Classroom Support has four main functions:

  1. Provides classroom scheduling for academic classes, resident training and faculty/staff meetings at TTUHSC in Lubbock
  2. Schedules TechLink classes and events for the HSC at regional campuses
  3. Supports the audio visual needs of the schools
  4. Manages and maintains classroom facilities of the Academic Classroom Building and classrooms throughout the Lubbock campus. 

Schedule a TechLink Event

TechLink is the Institutional videoconferencing network.  It supports distance learning, telemedicine, and general business applications through a variety of services, including videoconferencing and satellite uplink or downlink.  With TechLink, you can have a multi-campus meeting without ever leaving town and the TechLinked classroom allows a faculty member to be in several locations all at once.

Room Reservation System

The room reservation system allows you to browse scheduled events.

Academic Event Center

(The Academic Event Center is managed by the Office of the President)

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