Joint Providership Opportunity | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

TTUHSC OAICME is open to partnering with non-accredited organizations/eligible organizations to explore a joint providership opportunity dedicated to advancing transformative medical education. Our commitment encompasses addressing geographic disparities, fostering an interprofessional approach, and conducting robust assessments, all contributing significantly to TTUHSC's mission of delivering high-quality, community-centered accredited continuing medical education. Join us in shaping the future of continuing medical education through collaborative partnerships that empower healthcare professionals and enhance patient outcomes. If interested in partnering with us, please click here to answer some questions.


Discover the rich history of accredited continuing education, dedication to interprofessional training, and a commitment to excellence that defines TTUHSC. Our comprehensive four-step approach ensures the delivery of high-quality education, fostering a learning environment that encourages innovation, research, and collaboration across healthcare disciplines.

Additional Services:

At TTUHSC OAICME, our dynamic continuum of educational opportunities includes live activities, conferences, enduring materials, regular schedule series, learning from teaching, and various other activities. Our team specializes in logistical event planning, ensuring seamless execution of educational activities. With in-house IT support, editing, and marketing services, we facilitate engaging and enriching learning environments for healthcare professionals. In addition to core offerings, our CHW services address community needs.  Feel free to contact us for more information.