Mission Statement | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

The TTUHSC Office of Accredited Interprofessional Continuing Medical Education (OAICME) serves all healthcare team members' continuing medical education needs. These include members from different professions in Lubbock and the surrounding regions, including but not limited to South Plains and Panhandle of Texas.

The TTUHSC OAICME operates from the main campus in Lubbock. In addition, the Permian Basin and Amarillo campuses have extension OAICME offices to meet the diverse needs of our learners at those locations and the continuing education needs of geographically separated healthcare providers of the region. These healthcare providers deliver care across large geographic areas, from the metro areas of the TTUHSC campuses to rural, ranching, and agricultural-based populations within a 300-mile radius. It is essential to the overall mission of TTUHSC to deliver education within the communities that feed our population and areas where our faculty and graduates live and practice. TTUHSC OAICME will meet the needs of the healthcare team by developing educational interventions in an interprofessional approach using adult learning principles and lifelong learning strategies.

The expected results of the TTUHSC OAICME overall educational program are to plan accredited continuing education that changes skills/strategies or performance of the healthcare team and/or patient outcomes.

The TTUHSC OAICME will measure and evaluate changes in skills/strategies or performance of the healthcare team for all educational activities. In addition, measuring patient outcomes changes will be judiciously assessed for selected activities.