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About the Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) Program

Our PHM program began in 2017. It is among the first of the ACGME-accredited PHM fellowship programs in the country. We are committed to training pediatric hospitalists for careers in academic medicine or in a community hospital setting with a strong focus on education.

Faculty within our division include:

  • CEO of the children’s hospital
  • Leaders of the organized medical staff 
  • Pediatrics clerkship director
  • Director for the fourth-year curriculum for the school of medicine
  • Director of year 4 courses in pediatrics
  • Leaders in quality improvement and heath information technology at our clinical sites

We have a collegial group of 10 hospitalists who work closely on educational, clinical, quality improvement and research projects. 

Lara Johnson, MD, MHS, FAAP, SFHM

Lara Johnson, MD, MHS, FAAP, SFHM

  • Fellowship Program Director
  • Professor
  • Department of Pediatrics

Audra Bowman, MD

Audra Bowman, MD, MHA, FAAP

  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Fellowship Program Director
  • Department of Pediatrics